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How to Choose a Sports Bar

When you decide to visit a sports bar, the many options in Tampa can be confusing. You’re headed out to the sports bar Tampa for a day or an evening of fun that is more exciting than sitting on your couch with a cold one. Choosing the right sports bar isn’t difficult, despite the many options in town. How can you choose a sports bar? Keep the following tips in mind when selecting and you’ll enjoy the fun adventures ahead.

The Food

You must choose a location that has food that people talk about. It’s a part of the tradition, and once you’ve drank a few brewskies, you’ll definitely want some good, greasy food to soak it all up.

The Waitresses

Although the waitress doesn’t make the bar, it sure makes it a more exciting place to be. Choose a location with cute waitresses, but make sure that she is also on her game, ready to keep the drinks flowing while you catch the big game.

A Nice Crowd

sports bar Tampa

Choose a bar that has a nice crowd, but isn’t so overcrowded that you cannot move and smell pits all evening. It is great to be present where many others are at while the game is on. It just adds to the fun. But, too many people is never a good thing!

The Right Crowd

Not only do you want a nice crowd, you want to be surrounded by those who are similar in personality and style to yourself. It’s just better that way and makes for a more comforting and adventurous night.


And, the most important aspect of the sports bar you choose is the alcohol they serve. Make sure there is a nice selection of bottled and tap beers to choose from and perhaps even harder drinks if that is your thing.