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Concerns Related to Photojournalism

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The visual end of the news has always been a big thing. Since the invention of the camera, journalists have been utilizing them in order to bring a visual aspect to distributing information, whether it be by newspaper, the west LA news, or more recently, the Internet. Over the years, the camera has evolved, now to the point where many people are primarily using digital photography to capture images.

Advanced technologies have created original ways for photojournalists to clean up and edit pictures. With these new programs and techniques also come new questions in regards to ethical standards. How much editing is too much? Is there a need for more accountability in photojournalism? It is of high importance for those who are photojournalists to more clearly define the ethics in their field. Exploration of prior literature on the subject is vital in determining where these ethical standards should be, especially for those who are employed within the field of photojournalism and those who work with photojournalists on a regular basis.

Several schools of photojournalism have websites which discuss certain incidents where photographs were manipulated prior to the advent of Photoshop. One of the earliest photographs to have been tampered with was one of Abraham Lincoln. There was a picture of Abraham Lincoln that had been taken, and then it had been placed on the body of another picture- that of politician John Calhoun. This was less than fifty years following the invention of permanent photographs. Although this manipulation was not harmful in any way, it is the earliest known example of photograph manipulation to date. There have been others, including things during the Red Scare and such, which mean that with photo manipulation being easier than ever, we really have to be careful about what we are looking at and doing with the photos that we take.